Margaret Newland


Mrs Newland has extensive experience as a nurse in various wards; as a clinical nurse tutor and as a district nurse caring for the elderly in their home. Margaret opened the Welcome Care Home in 1992.


"At all times at the core of the philosophy of the home has been a holistic approach; an attitude of caring for an individual rather than treating an illness".

Rose K.png

Rose Kiambi

Team Leader

Rose, with over 20 years’ experience as a registered nurse, joined the home in 2011.  She has excellent social skills which complement her knowledge and experience in health care matters.  She is one of two team leaders who deputise on behalf of the manager.


"The service users care plan is vital to a happy and successful stay at the Home. Users, friends, family and carers are encouraged to be a part of the plan which is then reviewed and updated to reflect any changing needs. I aim to ensure that the objectives for health, personal and social care are carried out.


chinwe e.jpg

Chinwe Egwuagu

Team Leader

Chinwe is one of three team leaders.  She has excellent analytical skills and her care skills are much appreciated by all.  She is also very knowledgeable in sports and is a well versed in  all aspects of football which provides insightful discussions for residents.


"It is very important that we work together to meet the needs of the residents by finding the best approach to individual care.  I enjoy my role as team leader, providing care and working with staff to ensure that the care plan is created by co-planning so that residents receive a definitive tailor made care.