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Our Policies

Service Users interested in coming to Welcome Care Homes Ltd are encouraged to visit the home and sample the atmosphere and level of service. Often day-care is arranged on a regular weekly basis while waiting for a vacancy. This gives the client time to get to know the staff and adjust to new people and surroundings.  A month’s trial period is always given before taking permanent residency.

The home is registered to accommodate 15 persons over the age of 65, of whom 3 may be over the age of 55.

Category is Care Home Only (CRH –PC)



Keeping you safe is a key priority.  All our staff are subject to police checks through the Criminal Records Bureau which includes the Protection of Vulnerable Adults register.

We have stringent policies within the home and all staff are aware of their responsibilities in relation to recognising and reporting any incident or event which would be classed as abuse that causes or has the potential to cause harm.

Staff attend regular training sessions where they are instructed on the various types of abuse and the signs to look for to help recognise when this might be happening.

Adult Protection and Prevention of Abuse

Service Users may wish to be advised of the services of an advocate.  Staff have been trained to be aware of the range of advocacy services that the home is able to provide and to understand how these services combine to meet the needs of service users.  Staff are very willing to help where needed.


We recognise that when people have earned the right to be cared for by virtue of their seniority of years and as they have worked hard throughout their life committed to helping others they deserve extra cherishing. With more than 17 years experience, we, at The Welcome Care Homes Ltd have been offering a care service for the elderly that is both personal and highly professional. 


We are a small community of residents, friends, family, workers and visitors. It is our intention to maintain a friendly homely environment with the provision of care that is personal yet professional and meets with the specific yet ever-changing needs of our residents. 


We have no bias towards any differences experienced or expressed by the residents and we actively promote an attitude where every assistance is given to residents to help them maintain as full and active a life of their choosing.   We are renowned for our level of care and personal interaction with the residents whose needs we aim to please.




We are pleased to accept Service Users on a long term or short term basis, for convalescence or a holiday stay.  We do not accept resident whose needs are defined as constant nursing care but we are able to offer the same care as would be offered by a caring relative in a person’s own home. 

If a person’s health changes their needs to nursing requirements, then we will provide care needed until or unless relatives in conjunction with health professionals determine otherwise.




Aims and Objectives

Care Planning

The service users care plan is vital to a happy and successful stay at the Home.  Users, friends, family and carers are encouraged to be a part of the plan which is then reviewed monthly and updated to reflect any changing needs. Involvement includes expressing their choices and taking part in delivery. We aim to ensure that the objectives for health, personal and social care are carried out.

Family and relatives will be encouraged to participate in the Service User’s daily routine as far as is practicable, and are invited to monthly formal reviews.

Service Users and their Relatives are always welcome to chat with a member of the Care Staff if they have any concerns.

The Service Users Plan is reviewed at three levels:

• Daily on a shift-to-shift basis. At staff shift changeover the Service User’s daily care notes are handed by the out-going shift to staff on the in-coming shift and the Service User’s responses and activity patterns discussed as needed. Changes to the care plan may be proposed at this point.

• At the end of the four week settling-in period.

• Thereafter a formal review is held with care staff on a monthly basis.

All amendments to the care plan require the authorisation of the Home’s Manager or Senior Carer.  Certain amendments may require the authorisation of the Service User’s GP.  All amendments to the Service Users Plan are recorded in full.

Contact with Family and Friends

Service User’s family, relatives and friends are encouraged to visit the Service User regularly and maintain contact by letter, video conference or telephone when visiting is not possible. In these cases, staff will offer to assist the Service User to respond where help may be needed.

Visitors will be welcomed at all reasonable times, and are asked to let the Person-in-Charge know of their arrival and departure from the home. For Security and Fire Safety reasons, visitors must sign the visitor’s book on each occasion.  The Service User has the right to refuse to see any visitor, and this right will be respected and up-held by the Person-In-Charge who will, if necessary, inform the visitors of the Service Users wishes.

Changes regarding visiting will be communicated directly to families and contingencies put into place.  For up to date details please refer to the Welcome Care Home Blog.  

Data Protection

All data created and kept by the home is subject to the data protection act.  Our Privacy Notice.  Your notes are only available to you and those approved by you at any time.  Other professionals involved in your care may seek your permission and involve you in any entry they make in your file.


Fire Safety

• The home has a modern Fire Alarm System fitted, with “Fire Exit Notices” and “Fire Emergency Instruction Notices” displayed at strategic points throughout the home, as advised by the local “Fire Department”.

• Staff are instructed during induction training with regard to the Fire Prevention/Drills Policy this includes use of the homes fire appliances, evacuation, assembly points, raising the alarm, etc.  Service Users are informed of the emergency procedure during admission.

• A fire exercise is carried out weekly, this ensures all staff and Service Users have a comprehensive understanding of their responsibilities. A full fire drill is conducted every 3 months, which involves evacuation of the home.

• All fire systems and alarms will be tested by the Home staff every month and every 12 months by our Fire Risk Assessor. Records are kept of all such testing as part of the Directors/Managers responsibilities.

• All fire fighting equipment will be checked annually by a qualified Fire Door and Fire Extinguisher maintenance engineer.

• Where possible, furniture, fixtures and fittings must be made of fire-resistant of fire-retardant fabrics and materials.


Gifts and Gratuities

Staff are unable to accept gifts and gratuities.

Complaints procedure

Complaints should be lodged at the earliest stage within the complaints procedure and then proceed, as appropriate, by way of appeal through the stages.  The Welcome Care Home Complaints Procedure comprises the following stages:


Stage One  -  Informal - Individual Team Leader member staff delivering the service

This stage may be used to advise a Team Leader of a particular problem allowing them to resolve the matter first hand. The Team Leader should respond to the complaint within 3 working days.


Stage two – Registered Manager responsible for the service

This stage formalizes the complaint and provides the deputy manager with an opportunity of resolving the matter internally. The Manager will acknowledge a complaint and respond to it within 5 working days. You will receive a written outcome showing the outline and findings within 28 days.  We will keep a register of all complaints that can be reviewed by board of management.


Stage three - Board Members

This is the final internal Stage and is aimed at providing an opportunity for complainants to have their complaint heard by the Registered Provider Directors  and Registered manager.



Where a complaint is made and the person receiving the complaint has no authority to deal with it he/she shall refer the complaint to the appropriate stage and advise the complainant accordingly.  It will not normally be possible for The Welcome Care Home to deal with anonymous complaints other than in a very general way since it would be very difficult to investigate such complaints fully.

Where complaints are made in relation to Welcome Care Home’s general management, and in which other service users may reasonably have an interest, the process may involve a meeting of service user as an aid to resolution.

The Care Quality Commission

This is an independent body, which regulates care services throughout England. The CQC will investigate the complaint on your behalf. This can be done at any stage without using Welcome Care Home’s complaints procedure first. We would, however, wish to have the opportunity to resolve any problems before they are taken to the CQC.


CQC contact details:

Care Quality Commission

7th Floor, New King Beam House

22 Upper Ground

London SE1 9BW

Telephone: 0300 0616161

Website:             www.cqc.org.uk